The Foot-care Trio

You will never find my feet in a magazine or featured as the picture of perfection in a pedicure advertisement - you are more likely to see my feet as the before photo - the one with dry flaky skin and severely cracked heels (thanks to my lovely thyroid condition).

Taking care of my feet is a big priority since if I don't - it hurts! As a professional aethetician and massage therapist, having really terrible feet is not cool!

In my opinion, there are very few things in life that top getting a nice pedicure in a spa! (and with spas being closed for the last 3 months - my feet are not in good shape at all!!) But even getting monthly pedicures is not enough to keep my feet in sandal worthy form, so at home foot care is a must!

My at home pedicure to get my feet spruced up includes a soak, pedi-paddle, scrub, foam, butter and socks. Being consistent makes a huge difference! Doing the full pedicure at home 2-3 times a month plus applying the butter and socks every night, will make my feet almost picture worthy.

Home Pedicure:

Soak (10-15 minutes) - softens hard callous making it easier to shape. I include essential oils meant to kill fungus and bacteria to prevent skin and toe nail infections. (At any given point in our lives - 85% of us will have a contagious infection in our feet - its safer to assume that you could have one rather than assuming you don't!)

Pedi-paddle - using a pedi-paddle to shape the callous on your feet makes your feet not only look better but feel better. Make sure to use the paddle wet to avoid causing a friction burn and also be sure not to remove too much callous and leave your feet pink and sore. Your body builds callous to protect against friction - if you remove it your body will just build even more. If you shape the callous - meaning smooth it out and remove overgrowth so that its to the same level as the rest of your callous you may rebuild callous afterward - but not nearly as quickly or as painful. I use two different ones - The Wet Ped - which is a metal scraper for more course shaping and a wooden two sided pedi-paddle with a course and soft side for finer shaping.

Nail & Cuticle prep - Toe nails should be cut straight across with only the very corners rounded off. This helps avoid ingrown toe nails and painful sides pushing in. Gently push the cuticle back but only if needed and only clip dead skin off from around the toes and cuticle. This is extremely easy to tell because dead skin turns white when its soaked - so if its pink - do not clip - if its white - snip away! Gently, with the lightest nail file, buff the tops of the nail plate. By buffing the top of the nail plate we are smoothing out ridges and cleaning anything that is stuck on to the nail plate. By buffing the ridges so that the nail plate is smooth, there is less moisture loss from the nails, which will help keep them healthy.

Scrub - helps to soften dry flaky skin from the areas that you can't use your pedi-paddle on, helps cleanse the nail beds and in-between the toes where dead skin and dirt can build up and helps even out the pedi-paddle scrapes.

Foam - For soft silky feet you need both oil and water. Foot foam adds water hydration to your skin and should be applied first, but followed by an oil based product to seal the hydration in. This is my favorite foot foam- Footlogix cracked heel formula - and can only be bought from spas and foot care professionals.

Butter - oil is needed to moisturize and seal in hydration to the skin. It also helps to keep callouses soft to prevent callouses from building up and cracking.

Socks - the more natural the fabric the better - cotton being my favorite - helps keep the moisture on your feet giving it time to absorb.


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Foot Soak

Tired Feet Essential Oil Blend

Peppermint 6 drops

Eucalyptus 6 drops

Black Spruce 4 drops

Douglas Fir 4 drops

Rosemary 2 drops

Frankincense 1 drop

To get these oils and your doTERRA membership - click here.


2 Cups Epsom Salts

1/4 Cups Baking Soda


1.) Combine the Epsom salts and baking soda in a medium mixing bowl.

2.) Add the essential oils to a small 5/8 dram vial and gently swirl them together.

3.) Add the essential oil blend to your dry mixture about 5 drops at a time, spread throughout the bowl (not dropped all in one spot) mix thoroughly before adding the next 5 drops until vial is empty.

4.) Transfer into an air sealed container for storage.

Use 1/4 to 1/2 cup for in water no warmer than 104F for 15-20 minutes.

Foaming Foot Scrub


25 drops Citrus Twist Essential Oil Blend

2.5 oz Foaming Bath Butter

1 oz  Apricot shell exfoliant

1.5 oz finely ground coffee

1 oz White granulated sugar

0.25 oz Olive Oil

0.06 oz Geogard preservative


1.) Using your hand held mixer, whip your foaming bath butter until fluffy.

2.) Add the olive oil and continue to whip.

3.) Add your dry ingredients(baking soda, apricot shell and sugar) and continue to whip.

4.) Add your Citrus Twist Essential Oil Blend and preservative and continue to whip.

5.) Transfer your scrub to an air sealed container.

To use: You need less than 1 tsp for both feet. Add water and scrub your feet. Rinse with water when finished scrubbing. This Product will lather.


Silky Soft Foot Butter

Relaxing Foot Essential Oil Blend

Rosemary 18 drops

Lavender 6 drops

Peppermint 4 drops

To get these oils and your doTERRA membership - click here.


heated phase

25 g Mango Butter

50 g Shea Butter

5 g cornstarch

cool down phase

2 g Avocado Oil 

0.25 g Vitamin E oil

Relaxing Foot Essential Oil Blend



1.) Measure the mango butter, shea butter and cornstartch into a heat resistant pyrex measuring cup and place into a heat bath until all ingredients are completely melted. (I used a medium saute pan with a silicone heat resistant trivet in the bottom for the pyrex cup to sit on). This will take approximately 20 minutes.

2.) Measure the olive oil, vitamin e oil, and essential oils and combine. set to the side.

3.) Prepare an ice bath in a medium mixing bowl. Place the melted heated phase into the ice bath, making sure to stir and scrap down the sides constantly.

4.) After a minute, add in the cool down phase into the heated phase. Continue to stir constantly.

5.) Continue to stir in the ice bath until you reach a light trace - when you drizzle the mixture over the top, the drizzle remains for an instant. Once this occurs, you can transfer the mixture into an air tight container.

6.) Leave this mixture for an hour with the lid off to set up before use.

To use: use a small amount to massage into feet. (LESS IS MORE!!)

Heather Kew, RMT

Heather Kew is a Massage Therapist and Medical Aesthetician with more than 15 years experience. When not in her practice with her patients, Heather teaches other health professionals how to advance their practices with advanced techniques.

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