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Books I’m excited to grow with this season

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I’ve always loved to read and enjoy reading many different genres of books – from horror to romance, textbooks to sci-fi/fantasy – I’ve read a lot of books in my lifetime. Within the last 2 years, I’ve started reading quite a few self-help and leadership development books and have really enjoyed them. Here are a few of the books on my list to start reading this spring.

Relax Dammit – Timothy Caufield

While I agree with the majority of Timothy Caufield’s work, some topics I find him to be very rigid on. He is known for questioning, calling out and correcting misinformation especially around pop-culture and Health & Wellness. In this book, he tackles decision fatigue and breaks down the misinformation around our day to day decisions. I’m excited to see all the popular opinions that have been ingrained in our culture as truth that simply just are not.

relax dammit

Get Good with Money – Tiffany Aliche

One would think that being married to a Certified Financial Planner would mean that I’m really good with understanding money matter – but the truth is I probably know less about money than a lot of people because its my husband’s job to handle finances, so whenever we need anything – he already knows the answer. When other people need to handle their finances, they need to do research and talk to many different people with different approaches and opinions on what the best thing to do. Tiffany Aliche breaks down 10 areas of “financial wholeness” from Budgeting to Insurance. I’m excited to learn more about money matters from people with diverse view points.

Getgood with money

Dare to Lead – Bren`e Brown

I’ve heard great things about Bren`e Brown and her books. In this book, she breaks down how to build others up instead of being the type of leader that hordes power over others. While I’m not currently leading teams right now, I have in the past and have always found that building better skills translated into other parts of my life – like being a better partner to my spouse and a better mother. I’m excited to learn more about empowering and inspiring others.

Dare to Lead

Aromatica Volume 1&2 – Peter Holmes

These two textbooks take an in-depth look into essential oils from a unique prespective. Peter Holmes is an acupuncturist who studies, writes and educates on how to use aromatherapy through the lens of traditional Chinese Medicine. I’m excited to read about the energetic properties of essential oils and to learn a new approach to aromatherapy.


Ligament Pain Referral Patterns – Robert Libbey

I met Rob a few years ago and he explained some pretty complex research about pain science to me. I was really impressed with his talent and ability to take high level science and not only explain it in a simple, understandable way, but also in a that was relatable to how to use it in practice. So when I saw that he had written a book to go with his work that he teaches, I was excited to pick it up to learn more.

Ligament Pain Refferal Patterns

While it will probably take more than jus the spring to get through these books (I’m an extremely slow reader) I’m really excited to learn more from these great authors and put it into practice!

Heather Kew, RMT

Heather Kew is a Massage Therapist and Medical Aesthetician with more than 15 years experience. When not in her practice with her patients, Heather teaches other health professionals how to advance their practices with advanced techniques.

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